Attorney Fee Acceleration Funding

Even after a case settles, attorneys can face significant time delays before they can access their hard earned fees!

Cases involving Medicare/Medical Liens, governmental agencies, minors etc. can create havoc on a law firm's cash flow expectations.  Without access to their fees, lawyers/firms may find it difficult to take on new high damage/cost cases.

Priority Responsible Funding’s Attorney Fee Acceleration Funding allows Attorneys/Firms to access a portion of their well earned fees without waiting months or longer.


Funding for the Attorney: Upon confirmation of the signed and executed formal settlement agreement, Priority Responsible Funding will fund up to 75% of the Attorney’s fees from settlement proceeds.


What is the cost of this funding?


If monies are repaid within 60 days, Priority Responsible Funding charges ten percent (10%) of the funded monies plus a nominal admin/processing fee of $150.00 and Wire/FedEx fee of $75.00 (if applicable.) Two percent (2%) monthly after the expiration of 60 days.


Funding Example: Attorney requests $8,000 Attorney Fee Acceleration Funding

Payoff within 60 days: $8,965

($815 - 10% of $8,150 funding inclusive of admin/processing fee)

Let Priority RF eliminate the stress of waiting for fee checks to arrive!

Contact us today to see how we can help you get through the difficult “waiting period” from settlement date to cash in hand!