Medical/Surgical Funding for Doctors

Tired of watching the stack of LOP agreements in your office grow higher while your cash flow sinks lower and lower?


Once considered the “Gold Standard” by which most surgeons and medical personnel treated and billed for services rendered, medical charges associated with Letters of Protection are under attack! 


They have attracted the ire and scrutiny of the insurance industry and defense bar, negatively affecting your clients cases!  The time has come to take back control of how and when you get paid for services rendered.


Let Priority RF provide you and your practice with immediate cash funding for your patient’s treatments/procedures etc.  No more waiting or wasting staff time calling law offices for LOP status!


Priority Responsible Funding makes the medical funding process QUICK & EASY!


We offer immediate cash funding to:


Surgical Centers


Pain Management


Home Health Care

Catastrophic Care

Costly Medical Equipment

 (Motorized Wheelchairs, Paraplegic Customized Vans, etc.)


Benefits of Medical Funding in Lieu of LOPs:


-   Provides immediate funding allowing your medical practice to manage cash flow effectively!

-   Eliminates waiting time and risk of non-payment at the conclusion of the patient’s accident case.

-   Avoid painful insurance company cross examination regarding LOP charges

vs Private Health/Medicare reimbursements for the same procedure!

-   Patient is happy to pay significantly less for the treatment/surgical procedure

than under an LOP agreement charge.

-   Patient’s lawyer is not burdened with six figure plus LOP charges

when trying to settle with the adjuster at mediation.


Contact Brett Findler, our company President, directly at (561) 660-2803 or complete our Online Medical/Surgical Intake Form and we will reach out to you promptly!