Other Types of Funding

Divorce/Marital Asset and Property Dissolution


Litigating divorce and property dissolution matters can be long term battles. Often times, the financial disparity between the parties can dictate the winning party!


Priority Responsible Funding understands the importance of financial strength and stability when fighting for your client!  Our Non-Recourse funding programs can provide the financial ammunition needed to prevail on behalf of your client for Divorce and Marital Asset and Property Dissolution cases.

Wills and Probate Disputes

Most Law firms representing family members and other interested parties in Will and Probate Disputes, do so under a contingency fee agreement. There are many reasons people, family members and/or heirs choose to dispute the validity of a will or deceased’s choice of Executor.

In fighting for your client, litigation expenses, especially the cost of expert witnesses, can be overwhelming especially under a contingency fee agreement requiring the law firm to up front those costs.

Instead of taking all financial risk associated with litigation costs, let Priority Responsible Funding reduce your financial obligations by providing Non-Recourse Litigation Funding for costly expert witnesses!

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