Pre-Settlement Funding

Priority Responsible Funding understands how devastating an injury and loss of income can be. Despite working hard your entire life, your weekly paychecks leave you little or no extra money for future emergencies.

Once you have exhausted all sources for money, including borrowing from friends and families, the need to settle becomes more urgent with every passing day!

Enter Priority RF! We understand your need for emergent financial assistance to keep you and your family above water while waiting for your attorney to obtain the best possible settlement for you!

We pride ourselves on funding monies at the lowest interest rates in the industry, with no recurring monitoring charges. Additionally, the President and Founder of the company, Brett K. Findler, makes himself available to all clients, regardless of the requested Funding amount!

Contact Brett Findler, our company President, directly at (561) 660-2803 or our Director of Business Development, Arlene Dill, directly at (561) 376-7225 to learn more about how we can help you with your Pre-Settlement Funding!