Litigation Funding

A risk free non-recourse alternative for plaintiff’s lawyers/law firms with high volume litigation practices.

Let Priority Responsible Funding assume all of the financial risks and pitfalls associated with the high cost of litigation.  With our help, trial lawyers can focus on what they do best - litigating and trying cases to verdict!  If for any reason an attorney is not able to make a monetary recovery for their client, no monies are owed to Priority Responsible Funding.  Priority’s risk free litigation funding allows trial lawyers to take on more high damage/cost cases without maxing out or stressing existing credit lines.

Medical/Surgical Funding For Attorneys 

Priority Responsible Funding will fund any surgeon of your choice, along with all surgery costs (including surgi-centers and hospitals) at fee schedule charges consistent with Health Insurance/PIP reimbursements.


The surgeon and facility sign agreements with Priority Responsible Funding agreeing to accept a specified amount (consistent with Health Insurance/PIP fee schedule amounts) for the surgical procedure and surgi-center/hospital charges.

Your client is then able to have the needed surgery at a fraction of the LOP cost, with the surgeon of your choice, regardless of their LOP policy.

Medical/Surgical Funding For Doctors

Whether you are the Attorney or Medical Provider, Priority Responsible Funding offers a Medical/Surgical Funding product to fit your needs.

As the Medical Provider, we will provide you and your practice with immediate cash funding for your patient’s treatments/procedures etc.  No more signing letters of protection and waiting months and/or years for payment under an LOP agreement.

Pre-Settlement Funding

Priority Responsible Funding understands your need for emergent financial assistance to keep you and your family above water while waiting for your attorney to obtain the best possible settlement for you! 


Once you have exhausted all sources for money, including borrowing from friends and families, the need to settle becomes more urgent with every passing day!  We pride ourselves on funding monies at the lowest interest rates in the industry, with no recurring monitoring charges. Additionally, the President and Founder of the company, Brett K. Findler, makes himself available to all clients, regardless of the requested funding amount!

Post-Settlement Funding

In an effort to ease the financial burden for the Client while waiting for the settlement funds to arrive, Priority Responsible Funding offers the following Post-Settlement funding program:

To help your client cover the gap between settlement and receipt of monies, Priority RF will immediately fund the requested amount(s) to your client once a confirmed settlement has been verified!


Upon confirmation of the signed and executed formal settlement agreement, Priority Responsible Funding will fund up to 75% of the Client’s net settlement proceeds.

Attorney Fee Acceleration Funding

Even after a case settles, attorneys can face significant time delays before they can access their hard earned fees!

Cases involving Medicare/Medical Liens, governmental agencies, minors etc. can create havoc on a law firm's cash flow expectations.  Without access to their fees, lawyers/firms may find it difficult to take on new high damage/cost cases.

Priority Responsible Funding’s Attorney Fee Acceleration Funding allows Attorneys/Firms to access a portion of their well earned fees without waiting months or longer.

Short Term Practice Funding

Priority Responsible Funding’s Short Term Medical Loan Programs are designed to get your practice the necessary monies as quickly as possible. Our team of professionals can vet your loan request within 24 to 48 hours after you have provided the requested information online through our website.


Priority Responsible Funding’s Short Term Medical Loans are offered with fully transparent payback terms. No hidden costs or confusing formulas to deal with. There is a one-time administrative charge of $350.00. Said charge is factored into your loan, eliminating any out-of-pocket expense to you or your practice.  We offer 6, 12, 18 and 24 month term payback plans.  There are no pre-payment penalties for early term satisfaction of the loan.

Hurricane/Storm-Related Damage Funding

Following a hurricane, many home and business owners fall prey to frustrating insurance delays.  These delays lead to lowball repair estimates and settlement offers!  


Business owners with interruption coverage can go weeks or longer  before receiving needed checks to pay their employees and overhead expenses!


Let Priority Responsible Funding help bridge the gap between disaster and recovery by providing non-recourse funding for your clients!  Don’t allow your clients to suffer more than they need. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Funding

Priority Responsible Funding recognizes the high costs associated with TBI legal representation!  Securing the BEST Medical Experts requires significant capital investment. 

As TBI cases move forward, previous cost analysis and budgeting for litigation expenses can increase dramatically! This places additional stress and unnecessary financial risk to your law firm.

Let Priority Responsible Funding take on all of the financial risk and pitfalls associated with TBI representation.

Other Types of Funding

Divorce and Marital Asset/Property Dissolution? Wills/Estates and Probate Disputes?  Instead of taking all the financial risk associated with litigation costs for these types of cases, let Priority Responsible Funding reduce your financial obligation by providing a funding product specifically tailored to the needs of you and your client.


Contact us today to find out about the other types of funding products we offer and how we are different from your "typical" funding company.