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Watch this informational video by our President, Brett K. Findler, explaining what we do and why we stand out from the competition!


Priority Responsible Funding, LLC is a unique non-recourse funding company specifically designed to assist trial attorneys in their quest to achieve the best possible outcome for their injured clients.

Priority Responsible Funding was created by Brett K. Findler, Esquire, a current and 34 year member of the Florida Trial Lawyers and Justice Associations.  His personal experience in dealing with same or similar issues of client financial distress allows Priority Responsible Funding to fully appreciate your client's need for immediate funding.  We look at each case individually, and work together with the attorney to determine to best course of action.

FOR THE CLIENT: We offer lower rates than the competition, one-time initial set-up/admin fee (no additional or recurring charges) and fast turnaround time (funding within 24 hours of approval.)

FOR THE ATTORNEY: Responsible funding, less forms, and an open line of communication to the Company's Founder and President, Brett K. Findler.

FOR THE MEDICAL PROVIDER: We offer immediate cash funding to Medical Providers and Surgical Centers for patients' treatments/procedures in lieu of waiting months and/or years for payment under an LOP agreement.  We also offer short-term practice loans from 6-24 months.


Priority Responsible Funding, LLC is a unique non-recourse legal funding company specifically designed to assist Trial Lawyers in their quest to achieve the best possible outcome for their injured clients.  We offer a wide variety of funding products for plaintiffs and lawyers: Medical/Surgical, Litigation, TBI Medical Treatment and Care, Pre-Settlement and Post-Settlement. Our commitment to provide responsible funding, competitive rates, and 100% transparency is what makes us a frontrunner in the industry.

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Priority Responsible Funding is proud to be a Business Friend and Financial Supporter of FJA EAGLE



Thanks. I love you guys. It’s in my account. I’m trying not to cry. I can’t wait to sleep in a bed, have a hot shower, food, and an actual home. I’m shaking right now.  It’s been a horrible year all caused by a bad driver not paying attention and running me over.  If you ever loaned anyone money, I can assure you no one is ever going to be as grateful as I am.



Brett, This is an excellent concept that I fully expect to make use of in the future. I definitely like the potential for eliminating the basis for impeachment of a treating physician who has an economic interest in the outcome of the case when providing services under a letter of protection.



Oftentimes clients are placed in unique financial positions in the aftermath of being injured and having to pursue a legal claim.  Regardless of whether it is personal or family financial obligations or the burden of paying for medical care, the team at Priority Responsible Funding has a variety of programs that are designed to assist attorneys and their clients with addressing a client’s financial burdens in a professional, responsible and responsive manner.

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